Customer Comments


Camden Store

My husband and I came into the store to upgrade our phones. The store staff were very young, knowledgeable and helpful.  They were also very professional.  Thank you.

Conway Store

Mr. Wright,

My name is Lauren Rice and I am a college student at ASU in Jonesboro and an AT&T customer for almost 3 years now. I was given your email address by one of your employees located at the Conway AT&T store off Dave Ward drive understanding that you gave the approval of an in-store phone swap/replacement that the Jonesboro store manager had requested Friday afternoon. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have never experienced as great of customer service as I did this past weekend while working with the Conway team.  From the little amount of time I was with each of them trying to work out issues I was experiencing with my old phone, I was treated with friendly and respectful attitudes and it made the entire process much more relaxing and stress-free for me. I also wanted to thank you for approving me to get a phone to replace my faulty one. I had been through numerous warranty swaps in the past year and waiting until my upgrade time in January would've meant MANY more swaps if things continued the way they were going. They recommended a phone to me that would work better than my Sony (whose buttons kept breaking and the phone was constantly refusing to send texts) and I am now fully satisfied with a phone that so far has shown no problems what-so-ever.  The customer service with AT&T through APEX that I have been a part of has been great and I plan to be a loyal customer for many more years to come!

Thanks again,

Lauren Rice

Jimmy was very helpful and nice and I really enjoyed talking to him. He talked to me where I could understand the phone, the plan and everything, and he was very clear and I appreciated that.

Maumelle Store

Please, may I compliment an employee of AT&T/APEX Communications for excellent service yesterday.

This employee went the extra mile for my family yesterday. Her name is Crystal Lipps located at the Maumelle, Ar. location.

My husband and I are seniors. He has dementia. It is very important that he has a phone with him at all times. I washed my phone in the washer and it was not time for an update until Jan. I was practically in tears when I came into the store. We could not afford the over $200 price for a new phone. Crystal was compassionate and called her supervisor to see if the update might be moved up for us due to medical circumstances. You all agreed to allow this. Thank you so much and please let Crystal know how much we appreciate her taking care of us in a caring and professional manner.

Sincerely, Barbara K Jenkins and Geo R. Jenkins

Maumelle Store

I was a customer the other day (15th I believe) and when I entered the store I was highly angered by the fact that my wife's phone had quit shortly after its one year warranty had expired.

I rudely suggested what Crystal(the manager on duty) should do with the phone and she remained calm and professional even though I was most definitely not returning the courtesy.

She did everything she could to retrieve the info from the dead phone to no avail. 

Long story short she took this pissed off customer, calmed me down by being professional, and ended up selling me two new upgraded plans. 

Now I am happy as well.

I thought you might like to know this as Crystal is a stellar performer for your organization.
Thanks to her I will be back.

Thanks for your time,

Stephen Wigginton